Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Judge denies anorexic student’s court order

a little more on the recent court ruling denying an anorexic student's request to force college to readmit. although scanty on details, this news clip suggests that the current ruling is just one step--albeit a seriously dangerous one--in a longer battle. the student was seeking an injunction to have the college readmit her while the lawsuit itself went forward; the judge denied that injunction

Effects of eating disorders more severe in men

eating disorders have generally been more prevalent among women, but this study suggests that adverse effects on bone density may be more severe in men with anorexia or bulimia

Monday, January 15, 2001

Let our experts help you find the right eating disorder resource for your specific needs.

new one to us (but then it's been a while since we surfed these waves)

Of Twinkies and the Tube

still searching for someone or something to blame, this bit of speculation thinks snack foods share some of the guilt

Studies: Parents, Media Influence Kids' Food Habits

a somewhat more balanced summary of the studies that healthscout used for pointing the finger at dad

Blame Dad for Kids' Constant Dieting

ah, now we've got the right scapegoat! the fashion media and all those glamor magazines trumpeting their get-thin-fast schemes, the movie and television industry, the doctors and schools and churches and politicians, all of our friends, every other family member except big bad old dad, and even ourselves: we can all rest easy now. just make dad ease off, and we'll be ok with what we see in the mirror

…well, then again maybe not exactly so. other sources pointing to the same studies are not so intent on digging out flashy headlines. makes one wonder what healthscout's in the business for…

Judge Upholds Student's Dismissal

here's hoping this one gets appealed, sees legislative correction, or other remedy. if the colleges can prevail on this, then there are no walls against denial of anything other than the established disabilities such as blindness (such as what the institution in this case suffers from)

Bigorexia Likened to Eating Disorders

behavioral similarities in reverse between certain individuals with anorexia and some bodybuilders

Anorexic Student Sues College

a ruling either way on this case will obviously have far-reaching practical implications. we'll keep an eye out for updates…

quick update: the court ruled against the individual, in favor of the college.

What the Soothsayers Are Saying

for what it's worth, TV psychic Nancy Bradley advises anorexia spectators to keep an eye on Lisa Marie Presley

Yahoo - Par says court dismisses Bristol-Myers patent complaint

the patent infringement case involves a generic megestrol oral suspension formulation, used for treating anorexia, cachexia and weight loss problems in AIDS patients. i'm curious as to not yet having heard of anything along these lines being used in the treatment of eating disorder patients

'Ally McBeal' Star Suffers Fainting Spell

gag me for plopping this in as the first link under this blog, but then it's probably more the right touch than they'd care to have me point out for them anyway, so let's just anticipate it going all uphill from here. there'll be too many for whom this serves as cornerstone for other reasons than i would name. i'm not one of them

Friday, January 12, 2001

some things can't be reversed